the subject pre sented, there is no benefit in complicating

of the subject pre sented, there is no benefit in complicating the macro Z0 of Drilling Machine for Plate the part is the top face – note

the pos i tive value of the Z-depth (forced as neg a tive in the macro)

Copyright 2005, Industrial Press Inc, New York, NY – FANUC CNC Custom Macros



busbar Machine


Special tapping macro design:


#3003 = 1

Disable single block setting

G00 Z[ABS[#18]] S#19 M03

Rapid to positive R-level + spindle rotation

#3004 = 7

Disable feedhold, feedrate override, and exact stop check

G01 Z-[ABS[#26]] F[#19/#20*08] M05

Feed to depth at 80% of feedrate – stop spindle

Z#18 F[#19/#20*12] M04

Feed back to R-level at 120% feedrate – reverse spindle

#3004 = 0

Enable feedhold, feedrate override, and exact stop check


Stop spindle


Restore normal spindle rotation

#3003 = 0

Enable single block setting


End of macro


Note that both vari ables #3003 and #3004 are used twice This is im por tant – if a par tic u lar

state of a set ting is changed for the macro only, it should be changed back, when the macro ex its

Al though some ma chin ing cen ters do not re quire stop Dished Head Punching Machine ping the spin dle be tween M03 and M04 or

M04 and M03, it is a safe prac tice to use the M05 in the macro any way – it saves the spin dle

Systems Settings

Sys tem set tings – rep re sented by the last vari able #3005 in this se ries – re late to the cur rent val –

ues of cer tain ba sic sys tem con fig u ra tions Sys tem vari able #3005 may not be avail able on Fanuc con trols 10/11/15

Typ i cal sys tem set tings in clude:


Compatibility between controls (for example CNC Angle Line FS-15 vs FS-16/18/21)


Automatic insertion of block numbers (sequence numbers – using the N-address)


English or metric input of dimensional values (using G20 and G21 respectively)


EIA or ISO mode selection for the output code


TV (Test Vertical) check performed or not performed

– the TV check is only applied to punched tape equipment

Bi nary val ues are au to mat i c

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