forging pneumatic punch working principle Pneumatic press

Shenzhen co-forging pneumatic punch working principle Pneumatic press is the use of high-pressure gas generated by the compressor through the pipeline to the compressed gas delivered to the solenoid valve, through the foot switch to control the action of the solenoid valve to control the cylinder work and return, so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the tank laser cutter, ready to access, so the motor is not idle energy waste.

The use of cylinder as the working parts hydraulic hole punch, the use of electromagnetic valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple, low failure rate, maintenance is simple, lower maintenance costs. The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, the operation simple and convenient cnc machine for sale.

The Cooperative Principle of Shenzhen Cooperative forging and Pneumatic Press

The Cooperative Principle of Shenzhen Cooperative forging and Pneumatic Press The use of high-pressure gas compressor automatic girth welding machine, compressed gas through the pipeline to the solenoid valve, through the foot switch to control the action of the solenoid valve to control the work of the cylinder and return Drilling Machine for steel structure, so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the tank, ready to access, so the motor is not idle energy waste. The use of cylinder as the working parts, the use of electromagnetic valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple, low failure rate, maintenance is simple, lower maintenance costs. The use of 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve hole punch for metal, the operation simple and convenient.

Heat Treatment of Shenzhen Press

Heat Treatment of Shenzhen Press 1, punch press the thermal processing technology Practice has confirmed that the quality of the hot mold processing and service life of the mold a great impact. Die from the failure analysis of the reasons we can see, due to improper heat treatment caused mold failure ‘accident’ about 40% or more. Punch die parts quenching deformation and cracking, the early use of the process of fracture, with the touch with the thermal processing technology. (1) press the quenching and tempering press. (2) stress relief annealing. Not conducive to the accuracy of mold, improve service life. (3) punch casting process, which is part of the mold manufacturing process an important part Tapping Machine. (4) Preparation of heat treatment. This is conducive to ensuring quenching, tempering quality, improve die life. 2, punch press surface quality Die parts with the surface quality of the pros and cons of mold wear resistance hydraulic busbar punching machine, fracture resistance and anti-adhesion ability has a very close relationship angle steel open, a direct impact on the service life of the mold. ① grinding, grinding and polishing and other finishing and fine processing, to obtain a smaller surface roughness value, and improve the service life of the mold. ② punch press processing process should be to prevent the surface of the mold parts left knife marks. Mezzanine, cracks, bumps and other macro defects. The existence of these defects can cause stress concentration, become the root of fracture, resulting in early failure of mold; ③ punch mold parts of the process must be to prevent the grinding surface parts of the phenomenon of grinding, grinding process should be strictly controlled and the premise of the method.

punch manufacturers CNC Angle Line

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Precision punch equipment where more professional

Precision punch most people are not very familiar with it, not even heard of it, but the total technology in the ever-changing development of industrial automation for the stamping process is a production trend, in the face of a wide range of electronic products cnc angle machine, High-precision metal parts, when you in all large presses and small electric punch can not find their own punching tonnage equipment, or hand the general punch can not meet your requirements, I believe the precision press will have a new understanding.

‘Slogan’ I think we are not familiar with, but the real slogan of the essence of the implementation of daily production and all aspects of control, but it is a test of precision punch production and management level enterprises Of things Welding Roller Stand. Precision punch technology companies strong energy, well-equipped, the product is the introduction of advanced technology combined with the actual production process developed from the need, strict quality control, advanced features complete, excellent quality. The company has a strong engineering design and maintenance team, within 24 hours to provide quality customer service, adhere to the ‘quality first, the customer first’ approach, the majority of customers have been unanimously approved, in good standing drill machine.

Introduction to Automatic Production Process of Precision Punch Machine

Precision punch automatic production process In the precision press punching automated production, automatic stamping production line work flow is as follows: 1, with manual or automatic feeder to the entire board of large sheet material hoisting to the production line on the rack; 2, the handling robot automatically draw a large sheet of material transferred to the open material table; 3, XY two-axis automatic feeding manipulator, according to a good automatic molding material to open the material, open material action is carried out by row by column; 4 gantry welding machine, each open a piece of material, automatic punching robot to draw materials to punch press; 5, stamping manipulator will be based on stamping process (the number of punch) configuration busbar punching machine, the robot will step by step from the first step to send products; 6, precision punch automatic stamping; 7, stamping robot products will be sent to the product box.

In the above stamping automatic production process, the entire automatic stamping production line, the use of pneumatic high-precision punch press or high-speed punching equipment cnc angle punching, special circumstances can achieve instantaneous stop, punch fast, high precision, high safety, And multiple sets of mechanical handling materials and products, easy to achieve the stamping automation.

In recent years, the domestic press industry and doubled

In recent years, the domestic press industry and doubled, but most of the small and medium-sized private or private enterprises, by the international and domestic economic environment, in the fierce market competition situation, many punch manufacturing difficulties, slow development, and even Some are heavily in debt and are difficult to sustain. In this case, small punch manufacturers seek to develop and talk about personal views.

From the current market share, high-end products market is Japan, Germany and other developed countries, but these foreign companies from the high-end market penetration to the market high-end, low-end products, the main sales market is still small punch manufacturer space angle bender, In the final product market is currently mainly foreign manufacturers, Taiwan enterprises and domestic large enterprises, the development of space is all the punch manufacturers must fight. Small punch manufacturers due to their own conditions, including capital scale, technology and science and technology and other factors, the development of high-end products may not be in the short term, but in the current market efforts to maintain case sharing, on the one hand technological innovation Self-Adjustable Roller Stand, New technology and functionality based on low-end products, on the other hand, focus on product development, the progressive development of the final punch products independently developed to improve product profitability and market share. Punch manufacturers can learn the experience of Taiwan, Taiwan punch technology level compared with other developed countries axis drilling machine, but also slightly lower, but Taiwan’s quality punch better, compared with developed countries, the product cost is low, the service is good , The price is very competitive.

Integrated. Taiwan punch is the advantage of technology is better, and the level of service quality. This is the sub-enterprise and scientific management but do not open, most manufacturers are small businesses, but the number, and dense distribution, which is similar to the domestic small and medium-sized punch manufacturers. Taiwan Punch companies although small, but in close cooperation with the punch manufacturers only produce the main part of the other parts are produced by other manufacturers specializing in outsourcing, these manufacturers accessories professional strength and large-scale production, low cost. Punch manufacturers of bulk orders, but also reduce the cost of production. This cooperation, intensive development model and mutual support, we can use. In addition to continuously improve their own quality, product quality and service quality, but also need the Government, together with the industry, in order to truly small to large, from weak to strong.

Punch the use of the environment and power requirements

1, punch the use of the environment

In order to improve the service life of the press, direct mapping to block the sun and other thermal radiation, cherish too much moisture, too much dust or corrosive gases. Corrosion gases are susceptible to corrosion of electronic components, resulting in a resistive or bad component short circuit that is normally run in a punch press.

2, power requirements

In order to prevent the supply of large amplitudes (greater than ± 10%) of the retaliation and to prevent interference, the punch selects a dedicated power source (such as from a low voltage distribution room to be used separately for a CNC machine) or an additional voltage regulator component, and electrical intervention may be reduced Power texture.

In the processing of parts to achieve the punch, the processing accuracy is relatively high, but in essence, the production, the source of some of the reasons, affecting the processing accuracy, then what is the cause of punching precision machining 100 tons punch

Punch (1) low-grade fever.
Punch hot thermal deformation of the main source should be possible as the heat source comes from the host. The (2) punch temperature control.

In a series of low-calorie punch heat source method, the thermal deformation of the scene will be taken to show positive. In a series of methods to reduce the heat source of the punch, the thermal deformation of the situation will be corrected. But to the Qing Dynasty in addition to external heat source punch is always very poor, and even into the can. Is to control the temperature, with good heat dissipation and cooling to reduce the heat source. A more effective action is to force the punch to heat the localized cooling, possibly through the low-temperature one-sided punching of the heating means, so that the punching temperature tends to be like that, and the temperature difference can be reduced for the punch warp.

What is the difference between a hydraulic punch and a mechanical punch?

Hydraulic punch hydraulic pressure hydrostatic work, electrical equipment can be decorated separately, you can use multi-cylinder joint work, can produce a large number of tons of hydraulic press. The mechanical press due to the strength of parts and components, not to create a large tonnage.
Mechanical punch is the motor drive pulley shaft synchronous gear, and then take the crankshaft to make the slider curve up and down movement into a linear motion, inertia is very large.
As the punch blanking force, there will be a reaction to absorb the problem, the traditional mechanical press by the body’s response to absorption, generally large tonnage presses can reduce the risk of hydraulic way.
Hydraulic punch in the cylinder stroke with the help of a straight line from top to bottom, small inertia and can have a shallow tensile function. Liquid flow pressure loss is small, low efficiency, slow speed, movement, reduced work efficiency, so for fast small hydraulic press, crank press than the simple and flexible better.

On the punch machines at work is how to wire feedback information?

In order to allow everyone to manipulate the punch of the years more rationalization, then to deal with the winding of the knowledge is responsible for the small, the overall knowledge in this regard let us all to learn the following:

Punch machines the voltage level necessary to take double-imine, single-imine, defeated double wire, and other specifications of the wire package flat wire, the material completely, can be made in the winding machine on the shuttle into the circle, the shortest common linear punch line Individual 25 cm, the largest part of the linear coil 1.2 m, can be a single winding around the system, a single vertical winding, but also double-level transposition around, but also double-level transposition legislation around, according to specific conditions breakdown.

Manipulation in the disc all-round changes can also be wound round enameled coil. Winding machine built-in a speed control punch and a turbine speed down the machine, take the lead winding machine to reach 0-120 rev / min can be moved smoothly and reversibly, and Henan punch positive and negative count, the general can be Around the system of 1600KW various punch coil, comes with a simple set of tensioners, coil can be controlled around the tightness.
General construction manufacturers can use the above products, such as subject to additional large-size specifications, the choice of singular type wound system development. The above knowledge on the first to the side, and since then we will be on schedule for the separation of knowledge on the punch, while the need for friends of the device may always care about our website, we will provide you with more stringent questions answered.

Punch is the pressure equipment in the crank machine press, it’s accident reason is to change the rotation movement for a straight-line movement. It’s the main structure of the words are electric idea, flywheel, crankshaft, connecting rod, slider, etc., then there are other natural punch press device, brake and shield installation, underneath we look at the next punch mechanical response Of the message.

Punch feedback signal and the given signal for the regulator is exactly the same. Thus, there is a shake of the feedback signal, will inevitably lead to the speed regulator object regulation, thus causing the punch vibration. This situation is angry, the unique easy to control, as long as the motor cover removed, the exposed tachometer generator commutator. Then do not have to do any damage, as long as the Zhengzhou punch with sharp hooks, pay attention to each slot hook, and then glistened with light sandpaper evoked glitches, the rectifier surface and then wipe with anhydrous alcohol, On the carbon brush on it. Here to be careful to be careful to hook with a sharp hook to the inter-chip slot, do not encounter the winding, the reason the winding wire is very small, once the break can not be built, only the return of the new windings. And then do not use a water-based alcohol to rub, so get off insulation failure can not be drying, so that it will stay repair limit.

Punch machine mechanical work through the control of the opening and closing of the collision piece to determine the stroke of the punch, the friction piece opened, the cam mechanism will begin to work, punch down, when a little friction plate tightened, cam control shaft Win an empty trip, the punch picks up. Above elucidation is how it feedbacks the signal actual, you can promptly clear.