Depending on the actual machining requirements

or 1 en tries) Depending on the actual machining requirements, these settings Drilling Machine for Plate may be changed by a se ries of sys –

tem vari ables These vari ables are:


busbar Machine

Control of single block, wait signal for end signal (FIN)


Control of feedhold, feedrate override, exact stop check


Settings (System Settings)

The de fault set ting for #3003 and #3004 is 0, mean ing that no fea tures are dis abled

Single Block Control

Sys tem vari able #3003 is used for the au to matic op er a tion con trol of the sin gle block switch

Sin gle block may not be de sir able in cer tain ma chin ing op er a tions, for ex am ple in thread ing or

tap ping and some spe cial operations

Vari able #3003 can have four set tings, where the 0 (zero) set ting is the de fault when the ma –

chine and con trol power is turned on (the same as ac tive or en abled):

System Variable

Single Block

M-S-T Function






Waits for completion



Waits for completion



Does not wait for completion



Does not wait for completion


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 16

Sin gle block mode in may be en abled or dis abled us ing this sys tem vari able in a macro If the

sin gle block is dis abled us ing the vari able #3003, the ma chine con trol panel set ting of the sin gle

block switch has no ef fect on the re sult The sin gle block op er a tion of the ma chine will be dis abled

re gard less whether the Sin gle Block switch is turned ON or OFF (OFF po si tion is rec om mended)

Press ing the RESET but ton or Power Off switch also clears the sys tem vari ables #3003-#3004

M-S-T Functions Control

An other fea ture of the vari able #3003 deals with the com ple tion of an aux il iary func tion when

used in a sin gle block, par tic u larly the M-codes (mis cel la neous func tions) There are three aux il –

iary func tions avail able on Fanuc CNC sys tems, of ten called the M-S-T or MST


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