What is the difference between a hydraulic punch and a mechanical punch?

Hydraulic punch hydraulic pressure hydrostatic work, electrical equipment can be decorated separately, you can use multi-cylinder joint work, can produce a large number of tons of hydraulic press. The mechanical press due to the strength of parts and components, not to create a large tonnage. Mechanical punch is the motor drive pulley shaft synchronous gear, […]

On the punch machines at work is how to wire feedback information?

In order to allow everyone to manipulate the punch of the years more rationalization, then to deal with the winding of the knowledge is responsible for the small, the overall knowledge in this regard let us all to learn the following: Punch machines the voltage level necessary to take double-imine, single-imine, defeated double wire, and […]

Future Trend of CNC Turret Punch

In the 1960s, when the CNC technology into the control of CNC turret punch control, pneumatic clutches and brakes, the structure is simple, but the drawback is that friction loss, pollution, poor stability, need regular adjustment and maintenance, the operating frequency is low, noise . Until the 80s of last century, the introduction of hydraulic […]